Landscape Contexts of Wedge Tombs in the Northwest of Ireland by Kurt D. SPrings, M.Litt.




Wedge tombs appeared on the Irish landscape in the Final Neolithic and were constructed into the Early Bronze age. The aim of this thesis is to ascertain the criteria used for placing wedge tons on the landscape. The variables to be examined are wedge ton siting and distribution, those factors that influenced wedge tomb survival, and how their relationship to older monuments and contemporary burial. This research will also explore the environmental factors that may have been considered important to the people who built the wedge tombs as well as resource catchments. The significance of wedge tomb orientation in regard to heavenly bodies will also be examined.

Volume 2 Number 1

  1. Prehistoric Space: An Archaeological Perspective
  2. Landscape Contexts of Wedge Tombs in the Northwest of Ireland
  3. A Predictive Model based on Environmental variables for Optimal Site Location of Archaeological Sites in Erie County
  4. Interregional Interaction and the Prehistoric Social Development of the Rivas Region, Pacific Nicarauguaarticle
  5. Archaic Giant’s Grave: Exploring Site Distribution Within a Unique Microenvironment on the Alleghany Plateau, 4000-1500 BC

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