Civilization, Transformation and Collapse by Kurt D. Springs, M. Litt




The subject of how civilizations, cultures, and states vanish has long been a topic of interest for historians, political theorists, philosophers, and archaeologists. It is also a subject of interest to writers especially in science fiction and fantasy, from mythical lost civilizations to major scholarly works like Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire to popular movies such as V for Vengeance. The major question asked in the past was, “Why do civilizations collapse?” This is a question to explore the mechanics of collapse, sometimes with the goal of avoiding it. In recent decades, scholars have been asking “What is the nature of collapse?” This question seeks to define what collapse is, what is meant when people refer to a collapse of a state, a civilization, or a culture.


Volume 3 Number 1

  1. Intrasite Spatial Analysis of a Late Upper Paleolithic French Site Using Geographic Information Systems
  2. The social construction of ‘self” and Womanhood in a Hindu village of Bangladesh
  3. A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Practices Relating to Widowhood and Widow-Inheritance Among the Igbo and Yoruba in Nigeria
  4. Leisure & Young Married Women in Malta
  5. Civilization, Transformation and Collapse

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