The Archaeological Chess Set by Ezra B. W. Zubrow & Ted Banning



Chess is a game associated with thought. The game’s history has been related to war and peace, science and the humanities, as well as engineering and art. It has been a metaphor for life and death. One need only remember “Det sjunde inseglef” (The Seventh Seal) Ingemar Bergman’s classic movie where the medieval knight plays chess against death in a landscape scarred by the ravages of destruction and plague. Chess sets are available with Egyptians versus Romans, Wellington versus Napoleon, and both sides of the Civil and the Cold War. It is known as the “immortal game” and is played with live pieces every other year in Marostica, Italy.

Volume 3 Number 2

  1. Caching, Money, Magic, Derivatives, Mana and Modern Finance
  2. “When earth and sky almost meet”: The conflict between traditional knowledge and modernity in Polynesian navigation
  3. The Archaeological Chess Set

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