The Journal of World Anthropology (JWA) is a scholarly journal. Our goal is to be the general, broad-based anthropology journal of the internet. JWA covers all aspects of anthropology (physical, social, cultural, linguistic, applied anthropology, archaeometry, and archaeology) and related disciplines of the hard and soft sciences, and the humanities. We publish articles, research updates, reviews, and editorial commentary. Submissions are most welcome.

JWA is produced to aid in friendly cooperation and sharing of knowledge by all who participate in anthropological pursuits.Subscription to JWA is free and open to all. Similarly, our contributors hold their own copyright, therefore you are free to download and print hard copies or redistribute parts or all of JWA providing that you properly cite their origin (see advice on how to properly cite electronic media).

The ISSN number is (ISSN 1075-2579).


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