Editors Corner in Volume 3 Number 1


Welcome to the first issue of Volume 3 of The Journal of World Anthropology! In this edition we provide a mix of papers from social anthropology and archaeology. The first paper is an example of the application of GIS to intrasite spatial analysis by Dustin Keeler. Next is a discussion of the ways that Hindu women construct self identity by Jahan, and then a cross-cultural comparison of widowhood and widow inheritance practices in Nigeria by Fasoranti and Aruna. These are followed by an article by Borg and Clark examining the impact of leisure on the personal development of young women in Malta, a paper on transformation and collapse by Springs, and closes with a usewear and functional analyses of Bronze Age armor and weapons by Kamphaus .

We anticipate some changes in the near future. JWA started as one of the first electronic journals in archaeology. As we stated in the editors corner of our very first edition in 1994, the internet is faster and more user-friendly than the traditional publishing media. Perhaps even more importantly, it is cheaper and includes papers which might not find an outlet in the more conservative print media. We saw this journal then as an opportunity for innovative anthropology to join the front ranks of scholarly academe in electronic format, and we still view it this way today. We continue to welcome theoretical and methodological papers, as well as research results from all sub-disciplines, theoretical positions, and regions of the world. Now, as digital media becomes more acceptable as an outlet for scientific and peer-reviewed papers, JWA will carry on as a leader in the field, and begin to institute an electronic peer-review process. We hope that all of you will continue this journey with us.

Roderick B. Salisbury, Assistant Editor


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