Submission Instructions

JWA is resuming active publishing as an occassional papers series. Guidlines for submissions are as follows. The spin-off project – the Anthropology Review Database (ARD for short) – also continues to publish reviews of all anthropological media in an extensive online database. We encourage participation in both of these endeavours! ARD can be found at:

General Guidelines for Submissions

JWA prefers electronic submission of manuscripts. This is best accomplished by sending the manuscript via email to the Editor for operations or Editor in chief . We can accept paper manuscripts from authors who do not have access to the Internet or electronic mail. If an author needs to submit paper manuscripts, two complete copies can be mailed to The Journal of World Anthropology, 380 MFAC, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 14261.

Manuscript Preparation

The manuscript should be ordered as follows:
1. Abstract: 100-150 word single paragraph
2. Title, author(s), institutional affiliation or address
3. Text
4. Acknowledgments
5. References cited
6. Tables and Figures* (with captions)
*Tables and Figures may be embedded in text

All manuscripts are to be single-spaced, with a left and right justified 1-inch margin on all sides. Please use “Georgia” font on your manuscript. Each page should be numbered in the upper right corner. MS Word or comparable word processed documents are preferred, as the manuscript will be converted to PDF for publication. Endnotes are not encouraged, but can be inserted between the text and acknowledgments if required. Footnotes and appendices are discouraged. If material is important enough to be included, it should be incorporated into the text. Citations must appear as an internal reference system (i.e. parenthetically) as is now typical for anthropological literature. Citation should follow the AAA Citation Guide. The AAA citation style is now also supported by the EndNote software. Figures and tables should be referenced in text and appear in numerical sequence starting with Figure 1 (tables with Table 1). Line art must be original drawings in black ink. Indicate top and bottom of figure where confusion may exist. Photographs may be in color or black and white. Placement of figures, tables, etc. within the text should be indicated by inserting:

-Insert Figure 1 here-

Evaluation Policy

Manuscripts are evaluated by a peer-review process. Editors have responsibility for all final decisions regarding manuscripts. The evaluation process takes approximately two to three months. Acceptance may be conditional on revision. Rejection may be outright or with the possibility of reconsideration after revision, which may entail a new round of evaluations.

Authors are responsible for the content of their papers, for the accuracy and attribution of quotations, for the legal right to publish any material submitted, and for submitting their manuscripts in proper form for publication. Authors bear the responsibility for securing written permission, when necessary, for figures, tabular data, or any other material protected by U.S. or international copyright laws. When necessary, attribution for figures and tables should be included in the caption.

JWA does not require formal copyright release, we but do ask that you include written permission to publish your manuscript in electronic format.


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